Top Treats!

Top Treats!

We always get asked "what are your most popular treats?" or "what would my dog like?".

Well here is the perfect bundle of our best selling top ten products! 

This bundle includes:

1 X Wild Boar Training Treats (approx. 150g)
1 X Black Pudding Sticks (Pair)
1 X Medium Antler
1 X Hairy Rabbit Ears (approx. 5 in a bag)
1 X Liver Jerky (approx. 150g)
1 X EITHER Venison OR Liver Sausages (approx. 10 in a bag)
1 X Pig Ear (Single)
1 X Buffalo Wrapped Trachea (Single)
1 X Filled Hooves (Pair)
1 X Pig Snouts (approx. 3 in a bag)

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